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A University Town "par excellence"

You won’t find a campus in Fribourg: Fribourg is the campus! With its 10,000 students and only 40,000 inhabitants, life in the city has a university feel about it like hardly anywhere else. The combination of medieval heritage and pulsating student life gives Fribourg its incomparable charm.

The opportunity that is bilingualism

Switzerland’s only bilingual university is in Fribourg. Its students can study almost all their subjects in German, French or both. Students who take at least 40% of their lectures in a second language receive the additional note «Bilingual curriculum» on their degree. There are also courses of an international nature which are given in English.

Personal contact to staff

At Fribourg University no-one is just a number. Its relatively small size, together with the commitment of its teaching staff, ensure that students can make the most of an ideal staff-to-student ratio. And with its five faculties there is an extremely wide choice of subjects.

International flair

Since it was founded in 1889, the University of Fribourg has developed an international focus. Today there are young people from 110 countries studying in this city on the Saane River. They make up around 20% of the student population. Together with the international professorial staff they make the University a really multicultural forum of ideas.

Reasonable cost of living

Compared with other Swiss cities, Fribourg offers comparatively low living costs. It is quite easy for students to find a sensibly priced room in student or shared accommodation in the city or in the surrounding area.

Immerse yourself in culture and nature

Surrounded by the idyllic Saane gorge, this House of Zähringen city, founded in 1157, is a continual source of wonder for tourists and locals alike. The old part of the city with its Gothic cathedral and narrow streets, its old stone or wooden bridges, museums, pubs and picturesque squares make Fribourg a medieval jewel in Europe’s crown. And as well as all this, Fribourg’s position close to the foothills of the Alps offers a broad range of leisure and recreational activities as a balance to city life.