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The five faculties of the University of Fribourg all offer a range of multidisciplinary programs with the option – unique in Europe – of taking a bilingual program of study, even in the Faculties of Science and Economic and Social Sciences where English at Master Degree level is integrated. In an international context, at the crossroads of cultures, their structure promotes direct and individual contact between students and teachers in programs of study of high quality in a special environment.

The Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg is the largest theological faculty in Switzerland and, together with Lucerne, the only catholic faculty of theology within a State university.

Internationally renowned, the Faculty of Law has been offering teaching of exceptional quality for 250 years.

With its ultramodern teaching and research technologies, the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences attaches particular importance to interdisciplinary teaching with a practical orientation.

With its seven departments, the Faculty of Arts is the largest of the Alma Mater. Open to multilinguism, it is proud and vigilant in the defence of the humanistic values of the University of Fribourg.

The Faculty of Science fosters superior teaching and high quality fundamental research in a wide range of scientific areas including medicine. It also contributes significantly to the industrial and economic development of the City and the Canton of Fribourg.