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The History Domain offers a General History doctoral programme in French and German.

General History concerns the exploration and analysis of the perception and construction of past realities. As part of a doctorate, the candidates demonstrate their ability to:

– Develop new sources and use them for the advancement of research;
– Formulate guiding questions, demonstrate their relevance and provide responses to them;
– Consider, discuss and assess existing research and demonstrate its shortcomings;
– Present research findings in an appropriate manner.

Doctoral students will be assisted through regular research colloquia and personal tutorship.

The Fribourg doctoral programme contains specific focuses in the following fields in particular:

  • Research into federalism and nationalism
  • Migration studies
  • Studies in bilingualism
  • Research into extremism
  • The history of international relations
  • Urban history
  • The history of knowledge
  • Cultural history
  • Swiss history
  • Renaissance studies

Professors who are eligible to supervise theses

  • Prof. Damir Skenderovic

Areas of specialisation:
– European and Swiss contemporary history
– Political and cultural history
– Historical party research
– Right-wing populism
– Radical right
– Countercultures
– The 1968 movement
– Life reform movement, historical migration research
– Colonial history

  • Prof. Siegfried Weichlein

Areas of specialisation:
– European contemporary history
– Political and cultural history
– Nationalism
– Regionalism
– Federalism
– Labour movement
– Modern religious history
– Cultural history of the Cold War
– Political iconography
– Transatlantic history
– History of Zionism and the State of Israel

  • Prof. Christina Späti

Areas of specialisation:
– Swiss, European and Canadian contemporary history
– Language policy and bilingualism
– Orientalism
– Antisemitism and anti-Zionism
– History of the left and the 1968 movement
– Post-history of National Socialism

  • Prof. Claude Hauser

Areas of specialisation:
– Intellectual history
– History of international cultural relationships
– History of the Second World War
– History of the Jura

  • Prof. Alain Clavien

Areas of specialisation:
– Intellectual history
– Press history
– Cultural history
– History of the labour movement

  • Prof. Volker Reinhardt

Areas of specialisation:
See above

  • Prof. Thomas Lau

Areas of specialisation:
See above

  • Prof. Hans Joachim Schmidt

Areas of specialisation:
See above

  • Prof. Claire Gantet

Areas of specialisation:
See above

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Structure of studies

No ECTS credits can be earned.

Doctoral school



In order to be admitted to a doctorate the candidate must have been awarded an academic Bachelor's and Master's degree or an equivalent qualification by a university recognised by the University of Fribourg.

Before applying for a doctorate the candidate should contact a professor who would be willing to supervise the thesis work.

There is no general right to be admitted to a doctorate.

The respective conditions of admission for each doctoral study programme are reserved.