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Persons aged 18 years and above may attend most of the lectures offered by the University of Fribourg (without assessment or grade).

Continuing education at the University of Fribourg

The Office of Continuing Education is an academic service of the University of Fribourg. It organises lessons in collaboration with faculty members and experts from various professions, informs and advises interested persons, encourages the development of classes and coordinates the University's offer of continuing education.

While focusing on professional requirements, continuing education at the University helps individuals update their thinking and complete their initial training while they are still in employment. It contributes to improving participants' knowledge and skills, often offering them new career opportunities or enabling them to re-orientate their career.

Other courses

Maîtrise universitaire de formation continue en psychologie de la santé (MAS)
Conseil psychologique, santé, famille et maladie (CAS)
iimt – international institute of management in technology

The international institute of management in technology (iimt) from the University of Fribourg offers a wide range of further education programmes in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Utility (electricity, water, gas) Management. It offers educational programmes such as the Executive MBA, DAS and CAS. The second pillar is the Chair in ICT Management. The Chairholder, Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel, and her team, significantly influence the research and teaching in the fields of ICT and Utility Management.

The Chair and the iimt complement each other perfectly. On this basis, the iimt prepares its students for a career in leading management positions. The experience and the knowledge of the internationally renowned lecturers meet in the iimt executive programmes in which the participants develop leaders’ personalities.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Cross-Cultural Business Practice