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Communication and Media


This minor study programme, which is offered in French only, contains a broad variety of lectures: theory of communication and media, communication and media strategies, media and new media, public relations, communication and Internet law, surveys and analyses of qualitative data.
Compulsory classes are supplemented with optional classes in applied communication: on-line multimedia production, Web writing, television, written and oral communication, etc.
Group work, classes and seminars with a limited number of students are also a feature of this module providing better supervision and more effective teaching.

Studies organisation

Structure of studies

30 ECTS credits as a minor study programme


https://studies.unifr.ch/go/h (French only)


The bachelor programme «Communication Sciences» (90 ECTS credits), starting in September 2022, provides a detailed examination of the function of the media and communication in the digital age.


Furthermore, a study programme worth 30 ECTS credits is also offered as a minor in this field of study: see «Business Communication».