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The Department of Chemistry offers a doctoral programme in Chemistry. The programme is conducted entirely in English and comprises a personal research project which must be completed within a timescale of three to four years.

Chemistry in Fribourg is an interdisciplinary science. Research at the FriMat and NCCR Bio-inspired Materials centres of competence is focused on nanomaterials, and practical application of the research is facilitated by the immediate geographical proximity to the departments of biochemistry, medicine and physics, as well as the Adolphe Merkle Institute.

PhD students learn how to conduct independent research. They are also trained in the interpretation and presentation of scientific data and learn how to categorise these in a general context. PhD students have access to a comprehensive, modern pool of analytical instruments and are supported in their research by the respective experts. They also take part in international scientific conferences, to increase their knowledge and build up a scientific and social network. PhD students are actively involved in training chemistry students, for example by supervising chemistry laboratory course.

PhD students in the Department of Chemistry are remunerated according to standards of the Faculty of Science and Medicine. To enrol for the doctoral programme, applicants choose the laboratory where they wish to write their thesis. After consulting the respective publications, contact the group leader who will tell you if there are any vacancies.

You will find the list of research groups on the department's Web page (see Contact).

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No ECTS credits can be earned.

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In order to be admitted to a doctorate the candidate must have been awarded an academic bachelor's and master's degree or an equivalent qualification from a university recognised by the University of Fribourg.

Before applying for a doctorate the candidate must contact a professor who would be willing to supervise the thesis work.

There is no general right to be admitted to a doctorate.

The respective conditions of admission for each doctoral study programme are reserved.