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Teacher Education for Baccalaureate Schools


This training course is aimed at people wishing to teach in schools which prepare pupils for the Swiss Maturity. It encompasses a scientific section two teaching subjects, taught in the corresponding university faculties and an education and didactics section. The latter section includes coursework as well as practical training in education, educational psychology, didactics (general and specialised) and teaching practice.

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Profile of the study programme

The Diplôme d'Enseignement pour les Ecoles de Maturité (DEEM, French-speaking section)/Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen (LDM, German-speaking section) is a certificate of aptitude for teaching at secondary level II. Secondary level II comprises baccalaureate schools (Ecoles de Maturité/Maturitätsschulen), upper secondary specialised schools (Ecoles de culture générale/Fachmittelschulen) and vocational schools (Ecoles professionnelles/Berufsschulen). The DEEM/LDM is required to obtain the teaching certificate for vocational schools (Ecoles professionnelles/Berufsschulen).

The objective of this secondary level II teaching course is to give students the requisite knowledge and skills to teach in baccalaureate schools.

Teaching subjects
As a general rule, the DEEM/LDM is awarded for two teaching subjects, entitled «subject I» and «subject II». Candidates may add a third teaching subject to their diploma as long as they meet the same conditions in their third subject as for subject II.
It is possible to train in one single teaching subject in certain cases, as long as the academic training in that subject comprises at least 180 ECTS credits.

Duration of the course
Teacher education for baccalaureate schools comprises 60 ECTS credits. In the French-speaking section, the training is done after students have obtained their master's degree and usually takes one year. Students in the German-speaking section have the possibility of doing a part of their training simultaneously with their master's degree if their study plans and the university teaching staff's timetables permit.
Teacher education for baccalaureate schools is organised in such a way as to allow for practical training in areas related to educational sciences and didactics. It usually comprises two teaching subjects.

General course organisation
Teacher education for baccalaureate schools is a dual training course comprising:

  • a scientific section made up of the master's degree, supplementary conditions possibly applying depending on the respective Faculty and teaching subjects;
  • an education and didactics section comprising coursework and practical training. The fields of study covered in this part are: education, educational psychology, didactics (general and specialised) and teaching practice.

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Structure of studies

60 ECTS credits (teacher training), 2 semesters
Table of bachelor's and master's degree programmes which entitle students to train for a DEEM/LDM I in the corresponding teaching subject.


http://studies.unifr.ch/go/wpU4d (French)
http://studies.unifr.ch/go/3Q9Bw (German)